The Illyrian Press

Made from olives picked by hand on small family farms in Albania

Just Smell This Oil.  

Pour a small amount in a glass, wrap your hands around it, then swoosh it around a little to warm it and release its aroma.  What do you smell?  A spring garden? Green tomato vines?  Freshly cut flowers?  Yes, yes, and yes.  One sniff of Illyria Olive Oil and it is impossible to mistake that this is the real deal: an organic, single varietal, beautifully aromatic oil that is so fresh you can smell it.  It is handpicked and pressed on the fantastic, olive-covered hillsides of the Southern Albanian coast, and it is the only Albanian olive oil you can find anywhere in the United States. (Cool.)

Don't be shy! Check us out. Your taste buds will thank you.